APSS Membership


We have two types of membership:- Ordinary and Working.

Applicants can seek full or student membership, and can also apply to become working members, if they are able to give appreciable periods of time to supporting the Society's activities. Working days are Wednesdays and Thursdays, with Wednesday being the best day for visiting. The Society endeavours to have someone on hand on both days to speak to potential members

There are no restraints on the Ordinary membership since this is primarily for people who want to support the APSS but donít have the time etc to become more directly involved.

Acceptance as a working APSS member will depend on the number already active on APSS projects, the type of work in hand and the particular skill that a potential member has to offer. There is an (informal) interview and a probationary period. The reason for the probationary period is to ensure new members can fit in with the teams they will be working with. APSS working members will be able to work on APSS managed projects. The work undertaken varies widely from shifting equipment and painting to highly technical tasks.

In order to work on NMS artefacts, working members must be formally registered as National Museum of Scotland volunteers and have to go through the NMS screening processes. NMS has legal constraints on how people are cleared as nobody wants to damage or lose museum exhibits. Health and safety requirements must also be complied with.

Our membership year runs from the first of April each year, our AGM is usually around the end of May. We publish the magazine Fortune Teller and look forward to contributions to the magazine from all our members on almost any subject related to aviation.

Annual subscriptions are at present* £15 for full or working members and £5 for student members. Both categories have voting rights. Members who, in the opinion of the Society, have given especially meritorious service may be elected Honorary members.

If you are interested in joining please contact the Membership Secretary, details are on the contact page. A membership form can be downloaded, in PDF format, as can a Gift Aid form if you are a UK tax payer.

A copy of our constitution can also be downloaded in PDF format.

The Society holds membership details on a computer database for ease of administration, production of address labels and similar. Membership details are not available to anyone outside the Society and the Museum of Flight at which it is based.

* Fees are payable on April 1. Members joining in January to March do not pay a fee again till the following year. 




The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC033307
A member of the British Aviation Preservation Council