APSS Organisation

  APSS is managed by a Committee, elected by the members, consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and one other Working Member. In addition Section Leaders or Representatives elected from within the various groups within APSS also serve on the committee.

There are other groups within the society, each responsible for different activities.


APSS Committee or Trustees

Chairman Bob Thomson  
Treasurer Brian Colthorpe  
Secretary Mike Harper  
Membership Sec. Alan Manning  
Fundraising/ Editor Fortune Teller   John Guy    
Publicity Ken Sharp  

Ordinary Members


Radio & Radar Representative Tom Fergusson  
History Workshop Representative Barrie Hardy  
Strutter Representative   Evan Pole    
Special Projects   Dave Jones  


This team meets on both Wednesdays and Thursdays on the new-build Sopwith Strutter project. Some of this team work on other Museum or APSS projects on Wednesdays then on the Strutter on Thursday.

Gliding Group

The T53 glider, owned by APSS, is flown by this group from Portmoak Airfield, near Kinross.








The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC033307
A member of the British Aviation Preservation Council