In June 2000, a sub-group of APSS approached the Curator and offered to make a flying replica of a suitable early aircraft for the Museum's collection. After some discussion, a 1915 designed Sopwith 1 Strutter was decided upon. The aircraft, a two-seater, will fly locally at airshows and at other events throughout the year.

The aircraft is being built to original plans using the originally specified materials - with the exception of modern glues and fabric. The aircraft will be certified to fly under the auspices of the Light Aircraft Association.

The Sopwith 1 Strutter is a wholly owned and self financed APSS project which was established with funds given in memory of Mr Bob Drummond. This generous donation has allowed the purchase of plans and start-up materials.

The main source of finance has been public contributions, an early grant from New Horizons Trust and the sale of APSS owned airframes. APSS would welcome any financial support towards the substantial cost of completing this aircraft.



The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC048150
A member of Aviation Heritage UK