Slingsby T53B/C Phoenix


APSS currently owns a glider which is available for flights by APSS members. It is based at Portmoak.

The links to the left should provide more information about the aircraft, its history, its restoration and images while with APSS.


                                Wingspan: 55 ft. 6ins.                                        

 Wing Area: 194 sq. ft.

 Aspect tare: 15.9

 Length: 25 ft. 8 ins.

Tare Weight: 780 lbs.

Flying Max.: 1160 lbs.

Wing Loading: 6 lbs./sq. ft.

Glide ratio: 29 : 1

Stall: 33 knts.

Vne: 123 knts. (design speed limit for airframe in still air)

Approach Speed: 50 knts. for one up
                        55 knts. for two up



The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC033307
A member of the British Aviation Preservation Council