Laser Ranging and Marked Target Seeker (LRMTS)


Designed and built by Ferranti this unit, as its name suggests was used predominantly in Jaguar aircraft for range finding and also marking targets for laser guided bombs.


Inertial Navigation/Attack System for the Harrier

This is a test bench, used by Ferranti to test the complete avionics package for the Harrier GR1. The heart of the system is the Inertial Platform which provides data to determine the position of the aircraft, navigation and weapons aiming information.


Part of the system is the Moving Map Display

This unit was the precursor to modern GPS based navigation systems. Linked to the inertial navigation system of the aircraft it showed the position of the aircraft on a map display. The maps were stored on a roll of film which was moved by a complex electro mechanical system so that the aircraft position was always in the centre of the screen


Mk 14 Bombsight & Computer


Display Case Collection

As well as the Bombsight and Computer there is a display of other gunsights, a module from the Moving Map Display holding the map film and a GPIC Ground Position Indicator System Unit.





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