Avro Vulcan B2A XM597

  Over recent years APSS members have helped to restore parts of the Vulcan which were most in need of attention. One group worked in the cockpit area while another group attended to the undercarriage legs.

The Cockpit

As well as the pilot and co-pilot the Vulcan carried three more crew members who sat at a large instrument panel stretching the whole width of the aircraft and facing to the rear. Their role was engineering management, navigation and weapons control. Parts of the aluminium panels holding the many instruments were starting to turn to powder and needed urgent attention. Over the course of several months members worked at inhibiting the corrosion before giving the panels a final coat of paint. The seats were also cleaned and painted.

Work in progress


The final result



The Undercarriage

Because the aircraft is kept outdoors the weather has a deteriorating effect on the structure and external surfaces. A small team was given the task of removing some of the corrosion on the main undercarriage legs. Although outdoors this work was only stopped when it was too cold to work. the delta wings make an excellent shelter from the rain.

Work in Progress


The Final Result







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