Avro Anson C.19

VM360 (G-APHV)




The Anson conservation and restoration is being helped by members of APSS under the supervision of museum staff. At present (early 2009) no work is being done on this project by APSS members. The information below gives an indication only of the work done to date.



The fuselage, with wing centre section attached, is standing on its undercarriage. The mainframe is exposed and has been repainted, whilst the wooden formers have been examined and replaced replaced where necessary. Wooden fittings, such as window frames, doors etc have been remade. The whole fabric outer covering has been stripped off and is currently being replaced. All of the aircraft will be covered apart from a small section near the tail in order to reveal the internal structure of the aircraft for display. Internally the aircraft is stripped out and work has been started on refurbishing the cabin and the cockpit.

Wings and Tailplane: 


Both the outer wings and tailplane are completed with the tailplane now fitted to the airframe. The tail cone has been completely rebuilt and covered.

Engines and Undercarriage: 


The engines are complete and attached to the centre section. The propellers are inhibited and are in their original state. The wheels have been fitted with new inner tubes and are complete and fitted.







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