Fairchild Bolingbroke Mk.IVT

Canadian Built Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV

RCAF 9940, Wings from aircraft 9059





The information below is out of date and considerable work has been done on this aircraft. Work is currently in progress with several APSS members assisting the museum staff.

Fuselage and Cockpit:

A basic restoration of the incomplete airframe was carried out by the Strathallan collection before it was purchased by the museum in 1981, the intention was to fly the complete aircraft. The empty fuselage is sitting on its undercarriage awaiting further anti-corrosion coating, whilst the interior requires coating and fitting of equipment as it is completely stripped out. Minor components are being worked on, the gun turret has been completed but the cupola is minus perspex.

Wings and Tailplane:

The centre section is attached to the airframe and the outer wings are currently undergoing reskinning. Both wings have been fitted to the aircraft and fairings and wingtips are fitted. The flaps have been finished and are in place, though the ailerons need re-fabricing. The tailplane has been completed and is in place, the rudder and elevators require re-fabricing.

Engines and Undercarriage:

Both engines have now been fitted to the aircraft, although they are devoid of propellers and hubs. Propellers will be specially made, as will cowlings for the engines. The aircraft is sitting on its undercarriage. Fairings and doors for the main units are fitted.



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