Taylorcraft Auster AOP 5, TJ398




Taylorcraft Auster AOP 5, TJ398

The Taylorcraft company was formed in 1938 to produce aircraft under licence from Taylor-Young of USA, post war it went through various identities such as Auster Aircraft and later Beagle. Taylorcraft produced over 2,000 of their most famous product, the Auster which first flew in 1939

Thought to have been built in 1944, the original identity of this aeroplane is unknown and it has been restored in markings typical of those worn by Austers of the period. Prior to restoration it had been marked with various spurious identities such as 'TJ472'and 'G-ALES', it is currently marked 'TJ398' as a representative marking of the type.

The Auster was acquired by Robert Whitton in 1973 from the Perth Air Training Squadron, they had left it in their soon (very) to be demolished former premises. Having got permission to recover the aircraft Robert hired a van and towed it 40 miles home. Before the wings could be collected the building was demolished on top of them! Small repairs were made and a British Aircraft Preservation Council identification number was obtained - BAPC70. The aircraft was later moved to Inverkeithing and stored in a school thanks to Peter Yule, who was also responsible for the persuading Peter Thomas of the Skyframe museum to donate two very damaged J/5B Autocar wings. These were delivered to East Fortune in early 1974 and put into store. A starboard door was obtained from Neville Franklin, the editor of Control Column. Minimal work was done at east Fortune until 1978 when work started in earnest. Without Roberts repeated efforts over many years this aircraft would have been lost.
1944Year of build
1977Arrived at East Fortune
1978The search for wings etc
1980Fuselage prepared, primed and ready for covering
1982Wings repaired and prepared for covering
1983Wings re covered and doped
" Dummy engine and cowling complete
1984Propeller hand carved
1986Passed to "Link" training workshop to complete interior
1987Returned from Link workshop
1993Passed on loan to the Museum of Flight
2006 Removed from museum and sold.


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