Taylorcraft Auster AOP 5, TJ398





One of the best known families of British light aircraft, the Auster went to war in 1939 in various roles, most commonly battlefield reconnaissance. The rugged simplicity of the design lent itself to the rigours of frontline operations in an unsung role fraught with danger. Many examples survived the war and saw civilian service, this one included

The original identity of this aeroplane is unknown and it has been restored in markings typical of those worn by Austers of the period. Prior to restoration it had been marked with various spurious identities such as 'TJ472'and 'G-ALES', it is currently marked 'TJ398' as a representative marking of the type.

During 2006 the National Museum of Flight asked APSS to remove the aircraft from the site as space was required for other exhibits. Fortunately APSS was able to sell the aircraft to a group who will use it as part of a static display at various shows.

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