Miles M.17 Monarch, G-AFJU


The following images are extracted from the rigging diagram, please click on the thumbnail images to larger images, data is below the images.



The following data is a very brief extract from the "Manual of Instructions for the Operation and Maintenance of the Miles Monarch"
Span35 ft 7 in
Length25 ft 11.75 in
Height8 ft 9.25 in
Wheel Track9 ft 0 in
Propelllor Dia.6.23 ft
Wing Area180 sq ft
Tare Weight1,360 lb
All Up Weight2,000 lb
Max speed, sea level145 mph
Cruise Speed, sea level125 mph at 2,050 rpm
Service Ceiling17,400 ft
Take off run145 yds
Landing run run100 yds
Rate of Climb850 ft/min
Petrol Consumption6 g/hr at 2,050 rpm
Petrol Capacity30 gals
Range620 miles



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