Monarch G-AFJU - History


Miles M.17 Monarch, G-AFJU, C/n 789

A total of eleven of the George Miles designed Monarchs were built, production being stopped by the war. G-AFJU was built as a private aircraft, impressed into service in 1940 as X9306 before being restored to private use postwar. It was purchased in 1983 by the APSS with an aim of being restored to a high display standard and loaned to the National Museums of Scotland on completion.


2/9/38 C of A to Sir V.A.G. Warrender, Heston
1/4/40 Impressed as X9306
1/4/40 Delivered to No. 20 M.Y.
24/2/41 Released to SFPP HQ Kemble
/41 FTU Honey Bourne
/41 FTU Ringway
23/11/42 Damaged RAF Lyneham Com. Flt.
5MU repaired
/43 Vickers Armstrong, Hawarden
11/43 Placed on sale
2/3/46 G-AFJU, restored to Lt. Cdr. R.H.A. Kidston, Heston
18/4/46 C of A renewed
6/46 A.R. Pilgrim, Elstree
D. Jackson, Cambridge Private Flying Group
65 Cancelled from register
6/76 Utilised for spare parts by Rex Coates
14/7/81 Sold at Strathallan sale to Mr menage
11/83 Purchased by the Aviation Preservation Society of Scotland
1994 Restoration complete, displayed at Museum of Flight
2006 Sold by APSS


The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC033307
A member of the British Aviation Preservation Council