Miles M.17 Monarch, G-AFJU




After a long restoration of an aircraft that had been reduced to "a wreck, with some salvageable parts", the Miles Monarch looks rather healthy in comparison to the description of what was auctioned at Strathallan many years ago. The APSS bought and restored the aircraft to display condition and it was on loan to and displayed at the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune from 1994 to 2006. In 2006 the museum required APSS to remove the aircraft as the space was required for other  exhibits. Fortunately a buyer was found who plans to return the aircraft to full flying condition.

The Monarch was built in 1938 and possibly represented the pinnacle of pre war private light aircraft, only 11 were built before the war intervened and only a few survive. The aircraft has a wooden structure and Miles claimed "great inherent strength and durability with economic maintenance and ease of repair". G-AFJU certainly survived being impressed into wartime service under the guise X9306 with the RAF before returning to civil colours in 1946.



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